SECUR Microengraved Tracers

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SECUR is an acronym standing for “safe”, “easy”, “customizable”, “useful”, and “reliable”. SECUR tracers consist of food grade plastic with imbedded iron powder and food dye, 100-200 microns in any dimension with micro-engraved lettering 10-20 microns or less in size. All materials used to make the tracers are GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and relatively chemically inactive. The particles can be included in pills, coatings, and labels. Instant identification of the tracer is possible using a black light, as this will cause the embedded food dye to fluoresce. To confirm the authenticity of the product, the pills would then be ground to powder, the tracer extracted magnetically and then read under an inexpensive 200x power microscope. This process would take 3 minutes or less. Each particle could include a company name and/or other identifying information (i.e. lot number, production date, expiration information).

Micro-Tracers has developed two varietals of SECUR tracers, utilizing different technology from the semiconductor industry. Samples of both can be provided upon request.  They were initially developed for use in the pharmaceutical industry to combat counterfeiting of proprietary drugs, but could have applications in a number of other industries including but not limited to consumer goods, paints, foods, and coatings.




 The Case for SECUR Micro-engraved Tracers  (280KB Adobe PDF icon)

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