F-Tracer on Small filter Paper   IMG_0050   Filter Paper (blue)   


Microtracer-F tracers consist of iron grit particles colored with food grade water soluble or water insoluble (lake) food dyes.  They have a variety of applications for maintaining quality assurance including: 1) Mixer testing and validation; 2) Cross-contamination determination; and 3) to code microingredients or premixes.  F-Tracers are magnetically retrievable from feeds via a Mason Jar Test Kit (qualitative), Rotary Detector (qualitative or quantitative), or a magnetic probe (quantitative).

Visit our Mixer Testing Page to learn more about how Microtracers F can be utilized to validate your mixing and cross contamination control procedures.

Visit our Track Your Ingredients page to learn more about how Microtracers F can be utilized to track your microingredients or premixes qualitatively or quantitatively.



Retrieved Via Magnetic Separation
Particle Count 25,000/gram
Size 150-300 microns
Colors RedBlueGreenOrangeBrown, Others
Solubility of Dye Water/Ethanol, 7% Sodium Carbonate (Lake)
Packaging Plastic Pails or 1-kg Jars



SDS – Microtracers F   (45KB  Adobe PDF icon)

SDS – Microtracers F-Lake   (71KB Adobe PDF icon )

Quality Assurance with Microtracers F   (48.9KB  Adobe PDF icon)

Quantitative Assays with Microtracers F  (42.3KB  Adobe PDF icon)

Quality Assurance with Microtracers F-Ni   (57.4KB  Adobe PDF icon)